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I am a Transformation Catalyst. My gift is to TRANSMIT AND TRANSFORM.

To LIGHT your life through my words. To inspire your body, mind and soul. To connect energies. To sow star dust. 

I teach Yoga Classes and Reiki Trainings around the world, I offer Reiki and Shamanic Healing sessions, and I love how my words find their way to YOU beyond space and time zones with this blog! I love sharing the tips and tricks I’ve discovered during my 20+ years on the mouvement and healing path.


all about energy light work


Called Chi, Ki, Prana, Life Force or Spirit, everything is energy, vibration and waves. Find out  more about Energy and Light Work with joy and woo-woo!

all about asana vrksasana tree pose beach


All about Yoga Asana! Yoga posture tutorials explained step by step, posture benefits, contraindications, how to go deeper and all the tips and tricks to get your asana practice rolling!

pranayama tutorials yogic breath


Breathe deeply with Pranayama! Yogic Breath tutorials, tips, benefits and contraindications. Inhale, Exhale and expand your consciousness with Pranayama!

sit meditation with mudra


Meditation : everybody’s doing it! Even your doctor is talking about it. Meditate and live happy and healthy! But what is meditation? How is it done?

Yoga stretch on beach at sunset


Yoga is practice for life! And a practice OF life. Union of the body, the mind, the spirit, with the world around and the whole universe. Oh Yeah! Here are ALL Yoga articles.

simple and yummy healthy recipes and nutrition tips


Because happiness and health also begin in the belly! Feed your body well with these simple and yummy recipes and nutrition ideas. Yum!

sun and flower mandala


Celebrate an event, or a person, ask the Universe a question, move to a new home, welcome a baby… Every life event calls for a ceremony! Come ritualize!