Yoga for stage fright

Yoga for stage fright

Do you suffer from stage or public speaking fright? You have perfected your performance or your speech. And now you’re about to step on stage. But suddenly you are paralyzed, your heart is racing and your palms dripping in sweat. It's the dreaded stage fright! The good news is that yoga can help! Here are 5 ways yoga helps manage stage fright.

yoga poses counter sitting all day

Sit all day? Do these 3 Yoga Poses to counter sitting for a long time

Sitting all day? Feeling like you have fused with your chair or couch? Sitting all day can cause a lots of not-so-fun physical and mental issues. Back and hip pain are just one example. Here are 3 Yoga Poses for the hips and lower back to counter the effects of sitting all day.

Yoga women weight loss

Can yoga help weight loss?

Can yoga help shed the pounds AND keep them off? Yoga's weight loss secret may be less stress and being in-tune with your body and lifestyle