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My passion is to empower YOU through what I’ve learnt on my 25 years on the movement and healing path! My own path as a woman and mother taught me to live my own light and embody my power.

It is my greatest joy to see my words, classes, trainings and healing sessions bring light and well-being.

We are in this boat together, and YOUR light, EVERY light, counts. Namaste!

Yoga and Meditation CLASSES

I teach :

Chakra Energy Align and Flow Yoga

Restorative Yoga and Deep Relaxation

Yoga for Empowered Birth and Embodied Motherhood (Prenatal Yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga)

– Creative and Transformational Meditation classes and series

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yoga avec bebe yes yoga bien etre


Soon to be translated : How to learn Reiki? Read the post here in French: Comment apprendre le Reiki ?


Reiki 1 Training – Singapore – March 2019

Reiki 1 Training – Singapore – Sept/Oct 2019 Jan 2020

Reiki 2 Training – Singapore June 2020 (postponed – will either be conducted online or when COVID-19 eases)

Contact me to be on the interest list for the upcoming Reiki Trainings.

Reiki and Shamanic HEALING

For 1-on-1 Reiki and Shamanic Healing sessions.


I channel Reiki for you! Luminous Chi, positive energy for a personalized, balancing and profoundly relaxing healing.  What is Reiki? See the Reiki post for more info (translated soon, in the mean time, read it in French here! )


I journey with my shamanic drum and work with my helpful compassionate guides. Together we offer shamanic sessions combining different techniques such as :

Power Animal Retrieval : we all have one or more Spirit or Power Animals! They step forward and offer us their strength and wisdom for over-coming obstacles, starting new life adventures or connecting more deeply with nature and living in joy and light! Power Animal Retrieval is a powerful and joyous healing, and a gorgeous beginning of a sweet love story. I’m still translating my post on Power Animals! Read it here in French now!

Energy Clearing :  just like you clean your home regularly, clean your energetic body! Energy Clearing re-balances your energies, releasing what no longer serves and filling you up with power and light!

Soul Retrieval : to be whole again, Soul Retrieval integrates the bits and pieces of YOU that left you when you went through hardship or trauma. Soul Retrieval is a poweerful and beautiful return to Yourself! Be Whole Again.


Affirmation of a personal intention, pregnancy, arrival of a new baby, coming of age, menopause, new home, departure, anniversary, blessings…  There are so many reasons for having a ceremony !

We determine your needs and wishes together and I lead ceremony for you, with rituals, song, music, flowers and more! I currently offer ceremony services in person in Singapore.

Contact me for more info.

Creer un mandala solaire fleurs et feu pour le solstice d'été
Life Ceremony Services in Singapore


For Reiki and Shamanic Work, why do I do distance work ? Because I love the work ! I love working in my own magic space and I love offering clients my services even if we live on different continents. Each of us has a responsibility to make the world and our lives better. I am here to touch the lives of people all over the globe. Of course, depending on my location, I also offer in person healings, and you can contact me regarding that possibility. Distance work also lets YOU receive healing right in the comfort of your own cocoon.  

UPDATE : All energy work -Reiki or Shamanic Healings- are currently done exclusively by Zoom or Skype.

Is distance work as effective as in-person work? 
Yes absolutely ! Energy work transcends space and time. When we work, we always have a live contact, by Skype, WhatsApp etc (most often with video). So there’s always space to get to know each other and talk about the healing, before and after. There is something very special about distance work, making it powerful and deep, and different from in-person work.

How to choose a healing ? You don’t HAVE TO choose what type of healing you want (unless you know you ONLY want a Power Animal Retrieval -this can be a stand-alone healing). I work with my compassionate guides and they will let me know what is useful and appropriate at the present moment. It might be an Energy Clearing, or an Energy Clearing AND Power Animal Retrieval, or Energy Clearing AND Soul Retrieval etc.

Of course, often you’ll have an idea of what you wish to work on, and I’ll bring this intention to my helpful guides in the ethers!   The only healing I offer as a stand-alone is Power Animal Retrieval. It is a magical first step into shamanic work and besides, we all need Animal Guides! If during the Power Animal Retrieval I’m told that another healing would be helpful, I’ll let you know. You’ll have the choice to decide to also do it and we’ll work on that at another session. I do not perform a healing that you have not requested beforehand.  

How much does a session cost ?
The cost of a Reiki and Shamanic session depend on the healing and duration (Power Animal Retrieval only or Multi-technique healing). A session starts at 90€ / 100 US$ / 140 SG$.

Contact me for more information, available times and to book a session.

A Glimpse of Past Workshops :

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