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How to practice yoga during your period? Today we'll do Queen's Pose, one of the best yoga poses to do
yoga poses counter sitting all day
Sitting all day? Feeling like you have fused with your chair or couch? Sitting all day can cause a lots
Grasshopper Pose
Grasshopper Pose opens the hips, twists the spine and strengthens the core. Get your hopper on - with grace and
Embryo in the Womb Yoga Pose
Spice up your yoga routine with fun yoga pose Garbha Pindasana, Embryo in the Womb Pose, one of those funny-looking
balasana child pose
The menstrual Flow is on : To Yoga or not to Yoga, that is the question. Keep up the same
  Savasana, yoga’s toughest pose? A friend of mine comes to yoga class with a T-shirt that says "I came
how to do baby grasshopper pose
Warm up to spring with fun and invigorating Baby Grasshopper Pose! Read on and hop on your mat! WHAT IS
Yoga for immunity winter Bridge pose
  It's cold, flu and sniffles season! Say no to winter bugs and boost your immune system with Bridge Pose,
Half Moon Pose with Moon
  Be both powerful and light with Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon Pose! Stand on one leg and honor the half-moon
3 yoga poses for energy
  It’s back to work or school! Kick the post-holiday blues with these 3 energy-boosting poses and take care of