Meditation Class

Take a peak behind the scenes of my meditation classes

Here’s the story. To think it all starts with a perfumed plastic poney…

I first sat down formally to meditate as a child. I must have been 7 or 8 years-old at the time. Was I into “mysterious”practices? Hmmm, perhaps. Most likely my motivation was also lit by my mother’s promise to get me a new toy if only I would attend meditation class.

(after all, who can resist the promise of a strawberry-smelling plastic poney with a rainbow mane?)

Ever since, I have sat many long hours. I have fought with the dancing monkey mind and tingling sleepy legs. I have struggled with wanting to do MORE than “nothing”.

I have explored many different techniques, meditation schools and practices. Some I found very austere, others crazy, and others just right.

Often, I put off meditation practice until bedtime, or tomorrow. Or until after going out with friends. Or until the weekend…. Or until later-sometime-maybe.

I have repeated my personal mantra, universal mantras, mantras I chanced upon during meditation. Some mantras were in languages I understand, and others in languages I don’t. I chanted, muttered, repeated silently, wrote and cried them.

Gentle voices guided me. Nature’s sounds held me. Drums altered my state of conscience.

I meditated alone. And in groups.

On an office chair. In the middle of a forest (yes, I brushed against nettle- not cool)

I sat in silence. I walked hours just observing each grain of sand under my feet.

I found meditation without meditating. Through dance, yoga, sport, life.

And I found meditation… by meditating! By having a consistent, regular, adapted and nourishing practice.

This is what I offer you.

My meditation classes mix ancient and modern, classical meditation techniques and my own experience. Practicing with me means a joyous mix of yoga, personal development, and energy explorations (with a sprinkling of shamanistic practices!).

In class, we get energy moving. We practice pranayama, breathe with the belly, lungs, or even the 3rd eye or feet. We chant or mutter mantras, we listen to crystal singing bowls, and activate the body’s energy pathways with mudra. I hold space with compassion for all, and my classes are open-minded and anchored in life.

My classes are a gift of more calm and clarity.

React less to life’s curve-balls.

Develop your inner smile

Open up to the whispers

(or roars!) of your soul.

Connect within

Align with you,

With outside,

and with

the light

that you



“Meditate with Body, Breath, Mind and Soul”

Online Movement – Breath – Meditation Classes

  • Via Zoom
    Each week, short meditations, movement and breath practice build up to the final longer meditation. Themes change monthly.
  • Saturday 10-11am Singapore Time
    (Friday 23-24h New York / Friday 7-8pm San Francisco / Friday 4-5pm Papeete)
  • NEW OFFER: Saturday 10-11am Paris Time
    every 1st and 3rd Saturday a month
    (Saturday 4-5pm Singapore / Saturday 5-6am New York)
  • I am delighted to welcome new meditators at the start of each month
  • 100-125$ per month for 4/5 classes
Meditation Classes in Singapore