Shamanism Class – The Tree of Life

Journey through the Tree of Life – 5-month immersion in shamanic practices

From the deep in the roots to the tips of the branches, begin to learn how to release the past and journey to light.

Experience seeing with your heart and receive messages via shamanic drum journeying. This is similar to meditating to drumbeat, and we learn, practice and deepen together.

Connect profoundly and authentically with the Earth, her cycles, and with yourself, through transformational ceremonies.

As we journey together in the Tree of Life, we’ll guide you to release what is ready to be released, reconnect with your unique gifts, build relationships with your guides and power animals, and receive messages and healing from them.

Learn to play the drum for your own shamanic journeys if you wish. Learn to journey for someone else. Experience the power of the group.

The Journey through the Tree of Life is an immersion in shamanic practices over 5 months. The class is a powerful commitment to yourself, to your own transformation, and to the group. Come dive deeply!

Registration for Eagle Group is closed – Please contact me to be on the interest list for our next group, held from February to June 2022

Congratulation, Group Eagle! We moved through the Tree of Life and ever-changing Covid situation – here at Tahiti Dance Fitness Singapore

Group Eagle – February to June 2021

Eagle flew forward to be our Power Animal for this group! Thank you!

The class is held one Saturday afternoon per month, at Serendipity Centre, 51 Waterloo Street, Singapore.

Feb 27 – March 27 – Arpil 24 – May 22 – June 12

Tuition includes the monthly shamanic drum journey circle held on Zoom. This circle is open to the public as well as the group, and is a great way of deepening the practices learned in-person in class, and a way to connect between monthly classes.

The Power Animal for the new group (Feb-June 2022) will reveal itself in the next months (I’m excited to find out!)