Distance Reiki (3 x 1-hour)



A package of 3 one-hour sessions of Distance Reiki: receive Reiki all for yourself -in the comfort of your own home!

Set yourself up in your lounge wear, favorite blanket or mat, hot or iced tea, in bed or in your garden and receive Reiki in your own nest.

At each session, we’ll spend one hour together on Zoom. We’ll start by chatting about what brings you and how you have been doing since the last session, and then you relax and receive Reiki! I share insights as we work, or at the end of session, as you walk on your own well-being path.

What is Reiki? Check out our article here



Step1:Reserve your first Distance Reiki Session

Step 2: Paynow 300 $SG if you are in Singapore (send me a message here or on Facebook for all details)

Or 230 USD with Add to Cart above (with PayPal account or Card), or to this Pay Pal link.


Single 1-hour sessions are also available.