Energy Session (1 hour) Distance



This session can be used for Energy cleansing and clearing, divination, power retrieval, soul retrieval and lineage work around one topic. It may be that your topic has many aspects of it to be explored, and this can be explored in separate sessions, or in a 2H session.

This session lasts 1 hour.

Set yourself up in your lounge wear, favorite blanket or mat, hot or iced tea, in bed or in your garden and meet your Power Animal in your own nest.

We’ll spend an hour to an hour together on Zoom. We’ll start by chatting about what brings you, and then we’ll dip into various techniques (distance Reiki, drum journey, oracle cards, intuitive readings…) for you. Then we share the messages received for you, as you walk on your own well-being path.



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Ready for the full shamanic experience?

2-hour sessions are also available


Not quite ready?

Book a Power Call to see if the work I do is a good match for you. It’s free and will help you clarify your next steps.