Movement-Breath-Meditation Class



Saturday – 10-11am Singapore Time

We meet every Saturday morning in circle on Zoom for our weekly retreat-time! We start by checking-in with a short meditation, then we move into gentle fluid movements to loosen the body (yoga, qi gong, stretch). We then flow into Pranayama and a final meditation practice.

Each month we explore a new theme. Every class helps plant the seeds for cultivating your own practice during the week.

I am delighted to welcome new meditators at the beginning of each month.

Reservation :

Paynow 100$ / 125$ per month (contact me here or via Facebook for details)

Or PayPal / card payment 90 USD via the link above. Kindly also leave me a message so I can send you the Zoom link.

No pre-requisite required.


“A few weeks ago, Sophie asked if I wished to take part in her online meditation series during Covid-19 confinement. It’s funny because I wasn’t feeling good at the time and I was skeptical : how was meditation going to make me feel better? But I wanted to try. So off we embarked for 21 days of movement, pranayama and meditation. From my first day, feeling really down and my “grey color”, 21 days later, I have created my own meditation routine, and I feel good and balanced with my “rainbow color”. And I am keeping up with the meditation. Thank you Sophie!”

– Iwona (Singapore)