Shamanic Drum Meditation Class



Next Shamanic Drum Meditation Class : Saturday 27 January 2024

Time: 12 – 1.30pm Singapore
Where: Mindful Space (MRT Newton)
Special Theme: Journey to meet one of your Power Animals and Journey to meet the Compassionate Spirit of 2024 to bring back messages for yourself and the group.

We gather in a beautiful studio in central Singapore for a shamanic drum  meditation circle!
We start by opening space, we’ll continue with intuitive body movement and a meditation to center the body and mind.

Then we’ll talk about shamanic journeys with a drum, how to do it, what non-ordinary worlds to visit.

Then, we’re off! I’ll guide a drum meditation, and we’re off! Each class includes 1 or 2 meditation to the beat of the drum,  and every class has a different theme.

And we close after sharing our experiences.

This is a space to discover intuitive drum meditation and explore your own practice. We hold space with integrity and light. HO!

No pre-requisites. The only pre-requisite is an open mind!
Our classes are inclusive, supportive and non-dogmatic – people of different beliefs come together to share the beautiful drum meditation practice and deepen their connection t0 Nature, the Earth and life.

You do not need your own drum for this journey class, just come as you are and open up to more magic!

Reservation and more info: Paynow 41 $SG if you are in Singapore or with Add to Cart above (and send me a message here or on Facebook for all details)