Spirit Animal, Power Animal Personal Mentorship



Spirit Animal, Power Animal is an exceptional 13-week personal mentorship. We guide you in your exploration of the Non-Ordinary Worlds to meet one or many Power Animals and Compassionate Spirit Guides.

Spirit Animal, Power Animal is organized in 3 modules :

1- Meeting the Spark
2- The Magic Journey
3- The Sacred Offering

Each module builds the foundation to the next module. You are welcome to take Module 1 without committing to Modules 2 and 3.

We meet for a 1-hour class every 2 weeks. Each module lasts 4 or 5 weeks. The entire program lasts 13 weeks.

In each class, there are shared teachings and direct experiences via shamanic drum journeying. In between classes, we are invited to engage in the practice with short « shamanic homework » assignments. There is also the opportunity to ask me questions.

Spirit Animal, Power Animal is a 1-on-1 course. It offers a unique opportunity to deeply explore the many aspects of Power Animals -and yours specifically! in a private setting.

We explore the curriculum at your rhythm and you have a privileged access to me for questions.

Spirit Animal, Power Animal is a conscious-changing, horizon-opening, heart-centered personal mentorship opportunity. You will gain lasting insight on you own path and learn tools that will enrich your human experience for long after the class is over.



Step 1: Reserve your first 1-hour class on my calendar

Step 2: Paynow 450$SG for 1 module if you are in Singapore (send me a message here or on Facebook for all details)

Or PayPal 333 USD with Add to Cart above for 1 module (with PayPal account or Card), or to this Pay Pal link.


Not quite ready?

Called by Power Animal work but not ready for the big dive? We offer Power Animal Retrieval Sessions. In a Power Animal Retrieval Session, I will journey for you to meet your Power Animal.

Or book a 20mn Power Call to check if my work is a good match for you. It’s free and it will help you make a clear decision.