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Tune in to the Universe with Gyan –or Jnana- Mudra!

Do you make a circle with your thumb and index finger when you meditate? That is Gyan (or Jñana) Mudra! What does Gyan Mudra mean? And how can Gyan Mudra help you?

Gyan Mudra, the Mudra of Wisdom

“Gyan” or “Jñana” is a Sanskrit word meaning “knowledge, wisdom”. A mudra is a symbolic or ritual hand gesture.

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Gyan Mudra is known as the “Mudra of Knowledge, Wisdom Mudra”.

Gyan Mudra, the Wisdom Mudra How to do

When placing hands on the thighs or knees, Gyan Mudra can be done either with palms facing up, or palms facing down.  

When palms face down, it is often also called Chin Mudra, the Mudra of Consciousness. And when palms face up, it is called Gyan Mudra.

(Note: There are different variations around the names of Gyan (or Jñana) Mudra and Chin Mudra. Some teachers call this mudra Gyan Mudra when your palms are up, others when they are down. Some speak of Chin Mudra when the palms are up and Gyan when they are down. For this article I based the info on Indu Arora’s extensive work on mudras, in which Gyan Mudra = Palms up and Chin Mudra = Palms down). Just know you’ll find the same mudra called differently).

How to do Gyan Mudra?

Make a circle with the tips of your thumb and forefinger touching. Soften the other fingers.

When to use Gyan Mudra?

Gyan Mudra : for better concentration, and –say the sages- to get a step closer to wisdom!

So get your Gyan Mudra on in meditation and in pranayama practice!

Gyan Mudra : for a sharper mind and better focus (hint : Great for Studying!)

Outside meditation and pranayama, Gyan Mudra helps to concentrate when learning / studying, and when taking an exam (pen in one hand, Gyan Mudra in the other!).

I remember learning Gyan Mudra when I was in elementary school, and doing it to study for assessments (it wasn’t convenient for piano lessons)! Then, by the time I was in high school and university, I no longer practiced Gyan mudra for exam cramming: maybe a more regular practice would have saved me long evenings in front of my books!

In yoga, Gyan Mudra, the Mudra of Wisdom, or Chin Mudra, the Mudra of Consciousness are most often done sitting, for meditation or pranayama. For example, you can place your hands on your thighs, in Sukhasana (sitting cross-legged), in Virasana (Hero’s Pose), in Padmasana (Lotus Pose)…  Many yogis also do Gyan Mudra in more active postures, like Vrksasana (pronounced “Vrikshasana”), Tree Pose, or any other pose where the hands are free!

What does Gyan Mudra Mean? What is Gyan Mudra for?

What does Gyan Mudra mean?

Gyan Mudra symbolizes the Connection to the Universe

In Ayurveda, the Thumb represents the element Fire (Agni), and the index finger symbolizes Air (Vayu). With Gyan Mudra, you connect the thumb and index, meaning your are connecting the elements Fire and Air. From an Ayurvedic point of view, Gyan Mudra increases the element Air in the body. Air, or Vayu, is associated with the functions of the nervous system and the brain (among others things). This explains the effect of Gyan Mudra on concentration and relaxation.

The index is also associated with the Ego, the Individual Self or Individual Consciousness. The thumb is associated with the Universal Self or Universal Consciousness, with the Universe.

With Gyan Mudra, we are connecting our Individual Self to our greater Self and the Universe that is greater than us.

Well, that’s quite a feast! Rock your Gyan Mudra and become the entire Cosmos! WOOT!

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Merge with the Cosmos with Gyan Mudra – image by Gert Altman