Prenatal / Post-natal Yoga

I am passionate about bringing yoga to mamas-to-be and new mamas. 

I am passionate about the transformation that new parenthood brings. Why? Because becoming a mother was for me one of the most initiatory and transformational portals I have ever crossed.

Nobody told me that having a baby could bring about such an alchemical mix of deep love, deep loss and deep transformation. I discovered how my heart could expand and be broken wide open just by a small little new being. I discovered layers of love, of vulnerability and rapture that I could not imagine.

I, for one, did not become 100% a mother goddess Demeter overnight. As I got to know and care for my little babies, I learned to care for myself, entered new psychological territories and I found new depths in parenting partnership.

My two pregnancies and births were milestones on my spiritual path. They were transformative in many MAGICAL ways. I am deeply committed to living my own light and helping women live embodied lives. I bring my 25+ years in healing and movement practice to support mamas-to-be and new mamas with Yoga for Empowered Birth and Embodied Motherhood.

Becoming a mother or a parent is a special gift, and my gift to you in this tender, powerful and transformational time is the gift of yoga.

Prenatal Yoga: Yoga for Empowered Birth Class

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had been a student of yoga and movement for over a decade. I practiced yoga diligently throughout my pregnancy, I ate well, I swam, I visualized, breathed and meditated. To me, my wholesome lifestyle and regular yoga practice guaranteed me a smooth and easy birth.

Then Birth actually happened! It hit me: birth is a fully embodied and empowering process. Birth is messy, noisy, hard work and joy. And Birth demands YOU BE HERE. Birth makes you step into your POWER. Birthing your baby is deeply transformative. Birthing your baby is regaining your own power and light.

I guide pregnant people through yoga, pranayama and meditations to accompany the pregnancy journey and prepare the body and mind for birth. We practice yoga to help open the body, release tensions and adapt to a constantly changing body. I encourage mindful practices to also notice how we feel, and to help lift and stabilize emotions and moods.

In my Prenatal yoga classes, I also allow the space for yoga to be so much more. Yoga opens the door to self-affirmation and to the power of making the choices your believe in. This is a fundamental step in fully advocating for your pregnancy journey, birthing preferences, and paving the way to making decisions for your baby and future life.

Classes: Private

Post-natal Yoga: Yoga for Embodied Motherhood Class

More often than not, the post-natal period is all about baby and less about the mother. Yoga helps bridge this gap by offering you the space to mindfully rest and to find a form of stillness. This is specially important when everything is constantly changing and to help deal with sleepless nights, body pains and an entirely new mix of emotions.

I guide new moms through mindful movement to support the body’s natural healing process. Class evolves around restorative forms of yoga and gentle movement to help tone the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Gentle movement helps ease tension and progressively re-tone the body with hypo-pressive (no-pressure) abdominal strengthening. This is especially useful in cases of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and long births that may have put a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor.

The gentle and effective exercises I teach in my Post-Natal Yoga for Embodied Motherhood Classes are often life-changing for new mothers. It is like re-discovering your own sacred space and personal power. It was life-changing for me as a new mother, and it can be for you too!

I also offer tips on feeding and breastfeeding positions to ease physical tension and aid abdominal and posture recovery. If baby is present and awake in class, we include Baby Yoga and Massage.

Allow yoga to be your post-partum sanctuary!

Classes: Private

Prenatal Yoga Couples

I guide a private package of classes for expecting couples.

Experience movement, breath and connection as you practice yoga. Experience how to hold your space during your pregnancy and let yoga help you listen to your inner guide – and baby! Experience how to support each other in the couple on this exciting journey to parenthood. Together, we practice partner yoga, breath, gentle massage and meditation practices.

When I was pregnant with my first child, my friend in Denmark told me “Marriage isn’t the big change. Having a baby is the big change.” Coming from a wise woman with a grown child, her words stuck – and proved to be right. Having a baby ROCKS THE BOAT! It tears open your heart -and hopefully nothing else-, it makes you go to the final frontier -and beyond.

And if there’s one thing to learn, it’s that the couple is in it – TOGETHER.

Let yoga be your support on your couple journey.

Classes: Privates, Events and Workshops