Learn Reiki

Come learn Reiki! Experience Reiki’s light and love, and let Reiki work with you.

I guide Reiki classes in person in Singapore and France. I share Reiki with passion, curiosity, fun and a holistic approach. I guide my students to develop a practice that is unique and their own.

Once attuned, you are a Reiki channel – for LIFE! Come! And let Reiki unfold for you.

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I teach Reiki Classes in Singapore and internationally.

I open new groups on a regular basis – please get in touch for more information and to register your interest for the next Reiki 1 – Reiki 2 or Reiki 3 (a/b) classes, in English or French.

Past Reiki Trainings in Singapore:

Reiki 1 training in Singapore
Reiki 1 Training Singapore

Reiki 2 training in Singapore
Reiki 2 Training in Singapore
Reiki 3 training Singapore
Reiki 3 Training in Singapore