Spirit Animal, Power Animal – Shamanism

13 weeks to anchor your relationship with your Power Animal and transform your connection to yourself and your life

We say that at birth, one (or more!) Spirit and Animal Guides step forward to walk with us and support us in this life.

However, many of us spend entire lives without meeting them. Most of the time, we don’t even know they exist.

Spirit Animal, Power Animal – Course Curriculum

Spirit Animal, Power Animal is a 13-week class. We dive into the Non-Ordinary Worlds to meet one or many Power Animals and Compassionate Spirit Guides.

We learn to cultivate and deepen these powerful and intimate relationships. By working with our Power Animals, we learn how to connect to our intuition and our life purpose. We also deepen our rich spiritual life here on Earth.

We also explore the practical applications of our relationships with our Power Animals in everyday life. How to ask questions on our journey and choices (and how to understand answers!), receiving energetic transmissions and living with our Power Animal’s energy.

There is also space to learn how to do a shamanic journey for someone else and/or explore drumming for our own journeys.

3 Modules

Spirit Animal, Power Animal is organized in 3 modules.

1- Meeting the Spark

2- The Magic Journey

3- The Sacred Offering

Each module builds the foundation to the next module. You are welcome to take Module 1 without committing to Modules 2 and 3.

Course Organization

We meet for a 1-hour class every 2 weeks.

In each class, there are shared teachings and direct experiences via shamanic drum journeying. In between classes, we are invited to engage in the practice with short « shamanic homework » assignments. There is also the opportunity to ask me questions.

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Example of class curriculum:

Module 1: Meeting the Spark

  • Week 1: Zoom Class 1 – Opening and exploration of Shamanic Drum journeying. Practice journeying to your own Power Animal;
  • Week 2: Self-practice with “shamanic homework” suggestions;
  • Week 3: Zoom Class 2 – How to ask questions and receive (and understand!) the answers. Practice;
  • Week 4 : Self-practice with “shamanic homework” suggestions.

A Unique Journey to explore your Unique Path

Spirit Animal, Power Animal is a 1-on-1 course. It offers a unique opportunity to deeply explore the many aspects of Power Animals in a private setting.

We explore the curriculum at your rhythm and you have a privileged access to me for questions.

How much is Spirit Animal, Power Animal?

The course costs 333 USD per module (300 Euros / 450 SGD)

There are 3 modules, and you are welcome to take the first one without taking the other 2.

Spirit Animal Power Animal course
Come walk your path with your Power Animal!

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