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« I did my Reiki 1 training with Sophie, and I took part in distance meditation sessions she organises. I enjoyed these enriching moments and sweet people I met (physically and virtually). Thank you Sophie for holding space and sharing with so much love, and thank you for the energy transmissions. »

– Laurence (Paris)

“I had the most incredible healing journeys with Sophie. The wisdom she brings in is profound and helped me find clarity and healing in times of confusion, sadness and pain. She is kind, generous and caring. She is a highly gifted Soul and I absolutely recommend her gem to all my loved ones.”

– Asli (San Francisco)

« A huge Thank You Sophie for this wonderful shared moment, an informational workshop filled with kindness and love. »

-Dominique (Singapore)

“I’ve been receiving healing sessions with Sophie for the last couple of years. I feel benefits from the energy work and also get insight into what’s going on. Sophie gets a clear perspective from her guides that helps me move forward.

 She has also given me invaluable yoga asana for postpartum. Very simple specific and doable. I love Sophie‘s energy so much and I got to take my first class with her recently.  It was intro to chakras and within five minutes of class I felt my root chakra activate all the way down through my feet. It felt so peaceful and alive and I usually am not physically sensitive to what’s going on with my own chakras.  I really enjoyed the class and love all that I do with Sophie.”

– Nathalie (San Francisco)

« The workshop was a good introduction to the Chakras. Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy and great humor. I look forward to the next workshop!»

– Florence (Singapore)