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Shamanic Drum Journey Classes in Singapore, France, USA and online, with Sophie.

Workshop : Power Animal, Ask Them Questions!

Power Animal workshop

✨Saturday 18 May
✨2-4.30pm at Astanga Nilayam, Little India, Singapore
✨99$ (before May 13)/ 111$ (regular price)

For who?
For those who wish to explore life’s other dimensions, who wish to meet and cultivate their relationships with a Power Animal or Compassionate Spirit Guide to enrich their inner life as well as learn practical tools to navigate everyday life.

You’ve met your Power Animal, and now what’s next? How can you honor your Power Animals and seek their advice for your life? This is where the love story begins!

Working with my Power animal and compassionate guides brought powerful changes to my life and the way I work in therapeutic sessions. This is why I am joyful and honored to help you explore this love story with the upcoming class: Power Animals, Ask Them Questions!

In this exceptional personal evolution class, you’ll meet one of your Power animals (or several!) through shamanic drum journeying. You’ll practice 2 shamanic drum journeys and we’ll explore at least one aspect of the different non-ordinary worlds.
You’ll also learn how to ask your Power Animals questions and understand their answers. Questions can relate to your inner life as well as your daily life, so come with yours!
You’ll learn to develop your relationship and work in synergy with your Power animal and with the awareness that we are all part of the same web of life.

The tech we work with is shamanic drum journeying, the energy of ceremonies and Earth honoring practices. A drum is not necessary for class.
Come share this exceptional opportunity to experience your personal evolution, learn precious tools that are both ancestral and contemporary, with a compassionate and curious group.

Power Animal, Ask Them Questions! class:
✨2-4:30 p.m.
✨Astanga Nilayam, Little India, Singapore
✨Saturday May 18
✨$99 (before May 13) / 111$ (regular price)

I hope that this transformational class will serve, touch and delight you. Come!

Class: Drum Meditation Circle – on Zoom / in Singapore

Next Circle : Saturday 27 January 2024 – Mindful Space (Newton MRT, Singapore)

online drum journey circle

Come share and practice shamanic drum journey and learn about shamanism in Singapore!

Drum journeys are deep, active meditations to the beat of a drum.