Valerie Duliere Forest Baths Brussels

Inspirations: Forest baths with Valérie Dulière, Forest Therapy Guide

Today, I'm welcoming Valérie Dulière, who shares her love for Shinrin Yoku, or Forest Bathing! Valérie is a Doctor in Physics, and leads an active life as a researcher, mom to 2 teenagers and Forest Therapy Guide. Through Sharing Yoku, she offers forest baths. Forest baths are immersions in Nature, and help increase well-being and … Continue reading Inspirations: Forest baths with Valérie Dulière, Forest Therapy Guide

how to do hakini mudra

Concentrate with Hakini Mudra

Need to supercharge your focus ? Deepen your meditation or to get that report written in a jiffy ? Hakini Mudra, the mudra for concentration can help ! What is Hakini mudra? Who is Goddess Hakini?

Dancing Devas

Journey to a magic forest with my new book Dancing Devas!

When I'm not on the yoga mat, meditation cushion or in my flamenco shoes... When I'm not shaking a shamanic rattle and drumming till the devas come home... When I'm not Reiki-ing myself, my crystals or other people... I write and draw! And today, I am so happy to present Dancing Devas my new book!

What is shamanism


What is Shamanism? Who is a shaman? Is there a difference between a shaman and a shamanic practitioner? Find out more about of of Humankind's most ancient occupations!

Gayatri Mantra

What is the Gayatri Mantra?

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most well-known and chanted mantras in the Vedic tradition. It is most often invoked at sunrise or sunset, in honor of the Sun and light. What does the Gayatri Mantra mean? Why do we chant it in yoga and meditation classes?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is "sacred or mysterious energy". So what really is Reiki? And how can we connect to it?

Plants for energy cleansing

6 sacred plants for energy cleansing

What plants are burned for energy cleansing? Where do they come from? Some of these plants and their habitats are under threat. How can we use the plants responsibly and with respect?