What is Reiki?

Reiki is "sacred or mysterious energy". So what really is Reiki? And how can we connect to it?

Plants for energy cleansing

6 sacred plants for energy cleansing

What plants are burned for energy cleansing? Where do they come from? Some of these plants and their habitats are under threat. How can we use the plants responsibly and with respect?

burn plants for energy cleansing

Why burn plants for energy cleansing ?

Stagnant energy? Need a mojo uplift? Reach for the Plant! Burning dried plants or incense is a way to cleanse energy that is not only beautiful, but also connects us to the Earth and our human ancestral practices.

Yoga women weight loss

Can yoga help weight loss?

Can yoga help shed the pounds AND keep them off? Yoga's weight loss secret may be less stress and being in-tune with your body and lifestyle

balasana child pose

When the period flows : Yoga or no Yoga?

The menstrual Flow is on : To Yoga or not to Yoga, that is the question. Keep up the same practice or shake it up for this time of the month? How to honor your moons – and your feminine! – with yoga? Let's see what flows best when the period flows.