how to do hakini mudra

Concentrate with Hakini Mudra

Need to supercharge your focus ? Deepen your meditation or to get that report written in a jiffy ? Hakini Mudra can help ! What is Hakini mudra? What does this mudra mean ? Who is Goddess Hakini?

Hakini Mudra for memory and concentration

Hakini Mudra is a 2-hand mudra done by connecting the left fingertips and thumb to the right fingertips and thumb.

How to do Hakini Mudra?
How to do Hakini Mudra? / ring by Gem of Garbage Island

By connecting both hands, we are also connecting both hemispheres of the brain. Why is that important? Because many sensory receptors on the right hand send signals to the left side of the brain. And in the same way, many of the left hand’s sensory receptors send signals to the brain ‘s right hemisphere.

In this great criss-crossing of signals, receptors and transmitters, Hakini Mudra is kind of like flipping the brain’s switch on.

This is why it is a useful mudra when memorizing information or when you need to sharpening your focus. It helps improve concentration before or during meditation for example. But this mudra is also a great everyday tool at that weekly office meeting. Have you ever joined your fingers tips when you listen or speak to someone? You have very likely done Hakini Mudra without even realizing it, unconsciously asking the brain to wake up! -coffee optional!

How to do Hakini Mudra ?

  • Place the fingertips and tip of the thumb of one hand to the fingertips and tip of the thumb of the other hand.
  • Keep the fingers tips facing upwards.
  • Leave the wrists free, without touching each other. Let your fingertips kiss!
  • Breathe smoothly and deeply in Hakini Mudra.
    Keep the hands in front of the heart or navel, or hold the mudra over the head..

Another option is to hold this mudra in front of the 3rd eye. Goddess Hakini is said to reside here in the 3rd eye chakra. Yep, here comes a goddess!

Hakini mudra
Let your fingertips kiss in Hakini Mudra

Who is Goddess Hakini ?

Goddess Hakini resides in Ajña or the 3rd eye Chakra. She is often depicted with many arms –like all divinities in Hinduism- and with 6 pale-colored faces, like 6 moons.

Hakini is an aspect of Shakti, the feminine energy principle, or primordial energy. Shakti is often considered in the duo Shiva-Shakti. Here, Shakti is Shiva’s consort, and Shiva the masculine aspect of energy, and god of Transformation.

The 3rd eye is the chakra of vision, clairvoyance and intuition. In this chakra, we are in the realms of wisdom, imagination and psychic capacities. Working here, in the seat of goddess Hakini with the mudra that honors her can open us to the limitless power of the mind! Be ready for supreme meditations !

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