Celebrate an event, or a person, ask the Universe a question, move to a new home, welcome a baby… Every life event calls for a ceremony! Come ritualize!

Plants for energy cleansing
What plants are burned for energy cleansing? Where do they come from? Some of these plants and their habitats are
burn plants for energy cleansing
Stagnant energy? Need a mojo uplift? Reach for the Plant! Burning dried plants or incense is a way to cleanse
why is 108 special number in yoga
  108 beads on your Mala, 108 Sun Salutations, chanting OM 108 times... What does the number 108 have to
Seed planting ritual for Spring Equinox
  Spring is here! Here’s a sweet ritual to celebrate Spring, rebirth, renewal, Mother Nature AND plant seeds for all
what is power animal spirit animal
Heard of Power Animals? Maybe you have even met your own Spirit Animal! What is a Power Animal? How can
fire ritual for the new year
  Done with the hangover? Ready for the new year? Grab a glass of champagne and set yourself up for