Yoga is practice for life! And a practice OF life. Union of the body, the mind, the spirit, with the world around and the whole universe. Oh Yeah! Here are ALL Yoga articles.

Yoga for stage fright
Do you suffer from stage or public speaking fright? You have perfected your performance or your speech. And now you’re
yoga poses counter sitting all day
Sitting all day? Feeling like you have fused with your chair or couch? Sitting all day can cause a lots
Yoga women weight loss
Can yoga help shed the pounds AND keep them off? Yoga's weight loss secret may be less stress and being
Embryo in the Womb Yoga Pose
Spice up your yoga routine with fun yoga pose Garbha Pindasana, Embryo in the Womb Pose, one of those funny-looking
Gyan mudra about
Make a circle with your thumb and index finger and that is Gyan Mudra. What is Gyan Mudra? How can
why is 108 special number in yoga
  108 beads on your Mala, 108 Sun Salutations, chanting OM 108 times... What does the number 108 have to
  Savasana, yoga’s toughest pose? A friend of mine comes to yoga class with a T-shirt that says "I came
how to do baby grasshopper pose
Warm up to spring with fun and invigorating Baby Grasshopper Pose! Read on and hop on your mat! WHAT IS
find voice with throat chakra mantra
  Express the depth of your ideas and emotions, flow as you speak in public, and get clear about your
laughter yoga women's circle
  Laugh and be happy! But does yoga have to do with laughter ? Enter: Laughter Yoga and laugh for