How to do Savasana, Yoga’s most difficult pose


Savasana, yoga’s toughest pose?

A friend of mine comes to yoga class with a T-shirt that says “I came for Savasana”. It always makes me laugh, because I’m probably more often in class determined to work hard on crazy inversions!

After all, what could be easier than lying down and doing nothing?

Aha! Well, Savasana (pronouced  shavasana) or Corpse Pose (or Final Resting Pose, as I also call it in my classes), is often considered the most difficult of all yoga poses!

Why? Lie down and see for yourself! Thoughts start zooming through your mind at full speed. Muscles refuse to surrender to the mat. Or perhaps savasana sends you straight to sleep (and now you’re snoring!).


Savasana, yoga’s most important pose

Tempted to skip Savasana at the end of practice? Don’t make that yogic mistake: Savasana allows the body to rest and relax deeply, integrate your yoga session, and connect with yourself. And don’t we all need some down time?

Mmmm! Yum! Let’s go?


How to do Savasana for a queen:

Lie down on your back, and notice how you feel before adjusting.

Adjust the pelvis so that it is neutral (lower back not arched nor flat on the mat).

Adjust the head so that it is straight, neck extended, shoulders away from the ears. If you want, put a folded yoga blanket under your head.

Extend your arms along your body with space between your side body and arms. Turn your arms so that the palms of your hands face the sky.

Let your breath flow. Soften your body.

– Sink into your mat.

– Welcome to yourself!


To transition out of Savasana, start by waking the body gently.

– Return quietly to a sitting position.


Want to decline Savasana in an infinity of ways (or nearly!)? There are lots of Savasana variations, we’ll talk about in another post.

Are you addicted to the peace that Savasana brings? Or do you just need some rest ? Discover the benefits of Restorative Yoga, perfect for nourishing and recharging deeply (post in translation).

Are you pregnant? After the 2nd trimester, you may not feel great to lying flat on your back. It may compresses the vena cava and may not be pleasant for you or your baby. Very soon, I’ll post How to do Savasana when you’re pregnant. Look out for it!


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