woman meditating on beach sunrise

I wanna meditate! 6 TIPS to KICK START your MEDITATION practice



THIS IS IT. You’ve made up your mind: you are going to start your meditation practice and stick to it.

And then as you settle down, your back becomes achy, your toes suddenly itch and your mind is going on (and on) about its own life. Can’t they just let you meditate??

Well, here’s the news: every meditator has gone through the itchy foot, the crampy back and the monkey mind!

And here are my top 6 tips to kick start your meditation practice once and for all. See you in the clouds!


1. Meditation 101: Start short

And when I say short, I mean SHORT.

As short as a few deep breaths, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes … Start with a duration that seems POSSIBLE.

No point striving for 20mn in full silence if it’s your first time and your speeding mind is like a hamster on a treadmill.


2. Meditation 101: Enjoy the Journey!

Meditation is a journey: we enjoy the route too, not only the destination.
You may not reach Nirvana in this life, but you can certainly enjoy the benefits of meditation every day!


3. Meditation 101: You can’t “meditate wrong”

Sometimes it’s tough to meditate. And sometimes slipping into a meditative state is so simple and yummy. That’s the way meditation is. Even if you feel like you’re not doing it, it’s impossible to go wrong in meditation. You learn about yourself and renew body and soul during EVERY meditation. Keep it up!


4.Meditation 101: Find your style

Silent meditation, breath-based meditation, mantra meditation, meditations with songs, the sounds of nature, or soft music. Meditation techniques are infinite and each person has his/her preferences.

Some days I’m totally into chanting mantras, and others I prefer to sit in silence. And I love going to a sound meditation class, with singing bowls, gongs and other sound therapy instruments. Try different meditation techniques and have fun!


5. Meditation 101: cOMFORT FIRST

Your favorite meditation seat is Lotus Pose (Padmasana)? That’s great! If you’d rather lie down with a cushion under your knees or sit in a chair, that’s great too!

Remember, it is impossible to “meditate wrong”: there is no “right” way to sit in meditation, only the RIGHT way for YOU.


6. MEDITATION 101: Create a routine

Make meditation part of your daily routine! That’s one of the best ways to make sure you’ll keep at it!

Find the time of day it’s most convenient: in the morning before everyone else gets up, right after your shower, in the evening as the sun goes down… Routine will make you more likely to practice meditation daily. I think (and many meditation practitioners will tell you): you’ll reap more benefits if you meditate 15 minutes every day than 1 hour a week.


So settle down, breathe in, breath out and … off you go to Meditation Land!