full moon february 2019 meaning

Be ONE with NATURE and the February SUPER FULL MOON


Did you catch the super moon this week? Dive into the lunar cycle and read about the symbolism of February’s Full Moon!



I was lucky to see the super full moon this week! I had a beautiful clear sky and moonlight flooding my balcony.

I’m in Singapore right now, and here the full moon was the last day of the Lunar New Year. New Year’s Day was on the new moon on February 5th, and two weeks later the full moon marks the end of the two weeks of festivities (and eating goodies!).

For those who celebrate the Lunar New Year, the new and full moons in February symbolize RENEWAL and new beginnings. The first full moon of the year is also called the Budding Moon.

Yep, spring is on its way soon and a new cycle is starting!



In parts of North America and Europe, spring still seems far away. In February, the full moon is more about the persistent cold and winter.

The February full moon is called Snow Moon, Death Moon, Hunger Moon... The Celts also call it the Ice Moon. The Cherokee in North America call it the Bone Moon : stocks of food are running low and survival often means getting by with what’s left : bones and marrow! For the Lakota –also in North America- the February full moon is the Moon of the Tree Branches that crack in the Cold. Icy and poetic.

Brrr !!

It’s not winter all over the world though! Other February full moon (or month) names are : Corn Moon or Barley Moon. It’s harvest time in the Southern Hemisphere!

And don’t forget :  after the Snow Moon comes the Sap Moon. I’m telling you, hang in there, spring is coming!

full moon february 2019 meaning

Is your February Full Moon a Budding, Bone or Icy Moon? Happy Moon cycle!