live fearlessly with abhaya mudra yes yoga be well



Do you raise your palms outwards to stop someone? Or to show your good intentions? That’s Abhaya Mudra!
What is Abhaya Mudra ? How can you use Abhaya Mudra in your yoga practice?


Abhaya Mudra, the Fearless Mudra

“Abhaya” is a Sanskrit word meaning “peace, protection, fearlessness”.

A mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture that is most often done with the hands.

Abhaya Mudra is the “Mudra of Fearlessness”.

In religious art in Asia, but also elsewhere in the world, we often see figures doing Abhaya Mudra with one hand and sometimes with both.


How to do Abhaya Mudra?

Bend your elbow, raise your hand shoulder height, and turn the palm to the front. That’s it! Abhaya Mudra!

live fearlessly with abhaya mudra yes yoga be well

Live Fearlessly with Abhaya Mudra!


What does Abhaya Mudra mean?

Farewell Fear with Abhaya Mudra! We offer peace, protection and kindness.

From a spiritual point of view, Abhaya Mudra helps us walk in life without fear.
Yup, because fear limits our growth. So dispel it with this mudra, live fearlessly and step into your light!

With Abhaya Mudra, we also seek protection from what is not light, and we offer this protection to others, by turning our palm towards them.


When to use Abhaya Mudra?

Most often, the Fearless Mudra is used in meditation or pranayama.

Do this mudra in seated postures such as Sukhasana (sitting cross-legged), Virasana (Hero’s Pose), or Padmasana (Lotus Pose). Set your intention to overcome your limiting fears and offer peace, protection and benevolence to a situation that’s troubling you, and to the world. And … breathe!

Not a sitting person? With the same intentions, try Abhaya Mudra in standing asana such as Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

My favorite posture with Abhaya Mudra is Utkata Konasana (Wide-Legged Squat), also called Goddess Pose. I love this powerful pose that ignites the thighs and torso. Add the power of the Fearless Mudra and RAAAAAH! Hear the goddess roar!

Utkata Konasana Goddess Pose for Power Energy Fearlessness

Hear the Goddess roar! RAAAAAAA!

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