Half Moon Pose with Moon

Balance YIN and YANG with Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon Pose


Be both powerful and light with Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon Pose! Stand on one leg and honor the half-moon in the sky this week.



In Sanskrit, “Ardha” means “half, semi” and “Chandra” is the moon!
Ardha Chandrasana is Half Moon Pose.



This week, half the moon is lit up, and the other half is in the shadows.

Half-Moon energy is the balance of light and shadow, Yang and Yin, masculine and feminine.
Half-Moon Pose combines Yang and masculine physical strength, with Yin and feminine grace. Yang light, and Yin shadow.

Balancing on one leg kind of upside-down AND gracefully opening your body all the way to the tips of your toes? Yep, that sure calls for power and elegance!


How to do Ardha Chandrasana?

Ardha Chandrasana Half Moon Pose

Power and Grace in Half Moon Pose!

Traditionally, Half Moon Pose is entered via Utthita Trikonasana, Triangle Pose. You can also start in Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2) if you prefer.

– Choose your starting posture: Utthita Trikonasana or Virabhadrasana 2,

Bend your right knee,

Step your left foot forward,

Put your right hand on the ground, in front and to the right of your right foot (use a yoga block if the floor is too far).

– Keep your right foot and knee pointing forward and straighten your right leg.

Float the left foot off the ground, and stretch your left leg.

Turn the torso to the left, turn your head to look up, stretch your arms open.


To exit Ardha Chandrasana, bend the right knee, place the left foot on the ground, and return to Utthita Trikonasana, Triangle Pose, or Virabhadrasana 2, Warrior 2.

Then do Half-Moon Pose to the left!

The benefits of Ardha Chandrasana Half-Moon Pose

Stretches the legs, groin, and lower back.

Tones the legs and torso.

Uplifts! By opening the chest and shoulders and … by seeing things from a different angle, head down!

Improves balance and sharpens focus.

Relieves premenstrual and menstrual pains.

Relieves pressure in the pelvis during late pregnancy.

– Stimulates digestion.

– Relieves certain lumbar and sciatic pains.


Tips for an ecstatic Half Moon Pose:

My lower back hurts!

Draw the tailbone towards the back foot so as not to over-arch your spine.


I keep falling in Half-Moon Pose!

Focus on a point on the floor instead of upwards. Very soon you’ll be gazing at the sky too!

You can also bend the leg you are balancing on, to keep steady. Straighten the knee slowly when you find your balance.

If you keep falling, you can do Ardha Chandrasana with your back against a wall.


I can’t turn in Half-Moon Pose!

Try Ardha Chandrasana with a block under your right hand.
Or do Half Moon Pose with your back against a wall so you can turn the torso without losing balance.


Contraindications to Ardha Chandrasana

Neck pain ?
Look on the ground, or in front of you, instead of up to the sky.

In case of advanced osteoporosis or very low blood pressure, do Ardha Chandrasana your back against a wall, to limit the risk of falling.

Half Moon Pose is stimulating!
If you have trouble sleeping avoid Ardha Chandrasana before going to bed. Also, avoid Half Moon Posture if you have a migraine.


Enjoy moon gazing! May the half-moon bring you balance between your shadow and light.
See you soon!

Ardha Chandrasana Half Moon Pose with Moon