how to make apple carrot beetroot juice



Know your ABC’s? As in “ABC juice”?
Drink up to your health is as easy as ABC with Apple-Beetroot-Carrot juice!



For the longest time, I stayed away from this suspicious juice. Drink beetroot? Say my ABCs?
But then I finally relented, stalked by Singapore’s incessant heat. And it was grace at first taste!

How not to fall in love with its beautiful red-purple color and sweet tangy taste? Not only that, ABC juice is packed with vitamins A, C and K, antioxidants, beta-carotenes … Beetroot lowers blood pressure (sip slowly if you have a naturally low blood pressure!), and helps detox the liver (thanks to its purple pigment, betalain).

Beautiful and healthy! What more can a girl want?
Well, the ABC juice recipe of course!


The Happiness Juice recipe

For a tall glass:
A- One Apple (I like green apples’ tangy and tart taste. Use the apples you love!)
B- One small Beetroot
C- One big Carrot (or 2 small)
+ 50 to 100ml water or apple juice, as needed

Peel, seed and cut the fruit and vegetables into cubes.
Put in a blender (a word of caution: not all blenders can puree RAW vegetables. Make sure yours can!). Or use a juicer (lucky you if you have one!)
Add 50 to 70 ml of water or juice (unfiltered apple juice is yummy)
– Mix, add more water or juice if necessary.
Filter the pulp with a fine strainer if necessary.
– Put in the fridge or add ice cubes if you want to drink cold juice ASAP.



Spice up your ABC juice with a small piece of fresh ginger (peel it, and add to the blender).
For more tang (and Vitamin C), add a few spoonfuls of lemon juice.

For more fiber, one of my friends adds chia seeds before bending. (Filtering the pulp means smoother juice, but also does remove some fiber. So Yes to Chia –and to my friend!).


How to ake ABC Juice the No-Mixer Hulk Way

I’ve never done this, but have watched in awed silence my former roommate use the strength of his own hands to extract ABC juice. Yep, you heard me right, HIS OWN TWO HANDS.
So, if your blender cannot blend raw vegetables, grate the carrots and beetroot, put all the grated veg in a (clean) cloth and … squeeze!!!

What trickles out is the tasty fruit of your hard work. AND YES, you deserve that juice!


To your good health! ABC!