Called Chi, Ki, Prana, Life Force or Spirit, everything is energy, vibration and waves. Find out  more about Energy and Light Work with joy and woo-woo!

how to do hakini mudra
Need to supercharge your focus ? Deepen your meditation or to get that report written in a jiffy ? Hakini Mudra, the
Reiki is "sacred or mysterious energy". So what really is Reiki? And how can we connect to it?
Plants for energy cleansing
What plants are burned for energy cleansing? Where do they come from? Some of these plants and their habitats are
burn plants for energy cleansing
Stagnant energy? Need a mojo uplift? Reach for the Plant! Burning dried plants or incense is a way to cleanse
Gyan mudra about
Make a circle with your thumb and index finger and that is Gyan Mudra. What is Gyan Mudra? How can
Chakra Colors Real
Each chakra is associated to a specific color. Why are chakras and colors paired up? We’ll delve into this chakra
Seed planting ritual for Spring Equinox
  Spring is here! Here’s a sweet ritual to celebrate Spring, rebirth, renewal, Mother Nature AND plant seeds for all
find voice with throat chakra mantra
  Express the depth of your ideas and emotions, flow as you speak in public, and get clear about your
full moon february 2019 meaning
  Did you catch the super moon this week? Dive into the lunar cycle and read about the symbolism of
what is power animal spirit animal
Heard of Power Animals? Maybe you have even met your own Spirit Animal! What is a Power Animal? How can